Return Shipping Labels

Every day, we receive samples from hundreds of customers who want their results as FAST as possible.

The problem is a free economy return label does not equate to fast. In fact, the free economy return label can prolong the time it takes to receive and test your sample, which leaves you anxiously waiting for your results. And no one has time for that!

The Solution Is Simple: A Fast Return Will Get You Fast Results.

The time frame for receiving your results is divided into two parts:

  • Return Shipping Time: The time it takes for your sample to be shipped from your location to our lab for processing and is dependent on the return shipping service you select below.
  • Processing Time: Sample verification, quality check, and testing of the sample. This is the sciency part.

Most importantly, if you want your results as fast as this world allows us to get them to you, consider purchasing one of our priority return or first-class shipping labels.

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